Antwerp Arms Association

From Pub to Community Hub


The Antwerp Arms Association (AAA) was founded in 2013 to save and purchase a small heritage public house in Tottenham, London.  The funds were raised through a share offer and a grant from the Social Investment Bank. In March 2015 the AAA took on the ‘Annie’ and opened it as North London’s first Community Owned Pub.

Publicising our campaign and share offer locally on Facebook and Twitter attracted vasts amount of  local and national media, from the BBC, and London Live.  Our local community choir,  the fabulous New Tottenham Singers, lead by Choir Master,Tom Folkes, created and produced our promotional video for the sale of shares, ‘Who is Annie’

The AAA has just over 400 Shareholders who elect a small Management Committee at the AGM every September.  The AAA employs a full time Manager and part time staff to run the operational side of the business. Volunteers help with community work, maintenance, and gardening. The Committee meets monthly and primarily oversees the strategic and community aspects which are:

• To improve the local environment
• To increase employment opportunities
• To develop community cohesion


Our 2019 AGM was held on 9th September.  Further details can be viewed here.

Current elected committee members are:

Chair – Joanna Yeung
Vice Chair – Martin Burrows
Treasurer – Nick Allaway
Membership Secretary – Michael Hodges
Jeannie McTavish
Shani Kara
Catherine Cavanagh
Martin Laheen
Sapphire Elliott
Elizabeth Glennie
Pamela Harling – resigned in December 2019
Lindsay Fowler – resigned in February 2020

From Pub to Community Hub

Following the AGM’s approval at the 2016 AGM to expand the rear of the building a grant application was submitted to the Power to Change for a capital grant towards the costs of the extension and a revenue grant for a part Community Engagement Coordinator to develop the Community Programme. The Committee also ran a fundraising campaign to encourage new Shareholders to invest in the scheme.

April 2017 – The AAA was successfully awarded £107,000 (£95,000 capital and £12,000 revenue) plus a further £4,500 for a Business Development Consultant to advise on how the AAA can harness greater community engagement.

May 2017 – The Management Committee began the tendering process for a building company to undertake the work. There were 3 bids. The contract was awarded to a local company D&G Builders in line of our key objective to invest in the local economy.

August 2017 – The demolition phase began at the end of the summer and we were fortunate that one of the Management Committee, an experienced Project Manager, ensured each of the phases was completed on time.  Several shareholders came on board to assist with interior décor and we are very grateful to them for their time and ideas. The build was completed in December 2017.

As a Community Pub we are committed to being a friendly and welcoming place run by our community FOR our community. Here are a few examples of our community aims:

  • We work with Friends of Bruce Castle Park to improve the local park
  • Sourced Bicycle racks by the pub to encourage cycling
  • We decorated the pub frontage and hung flower baskets to upgrade the street view
  • Offer space free of charge to local groups and community for meetings and events
  • With the help of the local community, we staged parties to celebrate the Pub’s first, second, third and fourth birthdays.  This has raised funds  the Mayor of Haringey’s Charity Appeal as well as funds for local charities
  • Members helped our partnership with CRUTCH Haringey to host Community lunches and picnics  for those in need
  • We host children’s Christmas party and carol singing with local community choir
  • The Society finances Quiz and Live Music nights to bring people together
  • Our staff won CAMRA North London’s Pub of the Season Winter 2015/16 for beer quality and atmosphere

In May 2018 we celebrated our third birthday and the Mayor of Haringey officially opened our new space.  View our celebrations below.



The AAA has developed partnerships with the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust, Friends of Bruce Castle Park, Crutch Haringey, Accenture, Plunkett Foundation, and Reach and Connect, to deliver these objectives. The AAA has also supported the establishment of 2 small catering businesses using our kitchen and fed over 600 people in crisis through its community lunch service.

Community Projects

Community lunch

In May 2016 we formed a formal partnership with local charity, CRUTCH Haringey, which is based in the Tottenham Citizens advice Bureau. They identified several areas that we as a local business, can make a difference to people in need. With our limited space we initially offered a weekly free hot lunch to 30 people which we wanted to expand to include additional activities such as healthy walks; volunteer gardening and encourage people attend events and activities in our off-peak hours. Our aims were to:

  • Provide hot food to people in temporary accommodation
  • Provide food to families in crisis
  • Bring people together who are isolated through mental health/unemployment
  • Raise people’s self-esteem and basic skills through volunteering opportunities

We secured a small grant from the London Evening Standard to employ a Community Cook Coordinator to manage the social lunches and recruited and trained volunteer cooks in Level 2 Food & Hygiene training. We have served over 600 people to date. View community lunches HERE

Friends of Bruce Castle Park

In July 2018, in collaboration with the AAA, Friends of Bruce Castle Park hosted a family picnic in the park, with live music from around the world.  The team have hosted several free community events including music, poetry and Easter Hunt.

Accenture Team
In December 2017 several teams at Accenture sponsored cooked and served three of our community lunches as well as family picnics in Bruce Castle Park in August 2018, providing free meals for families with games in the park.

In December 2019,  the Accenture team again served up delicious traditional festive feast with Christmas crackers, sweet treats and a raffle in partnership with Reach and Connect, a new service for Haringey residents age 50+.  Reach and Connect supports people to live a healthy life, which includes encouraging them to participate in social events.

“It was a wonderful day” said Nita who lives on her own “I met other people, played dominoes and have found out about a lunch club and yoga in the park”

Read more HERE


“We love what you do for the community each week and we felt really honoured to be able to join you. The feedback from our team has been fantastic and we are so glad we were able to help out, even in a small way” – Ewan Mackay, Accenture



Sharing Earth
In October 2017, the Well Communities Fund, awarded Sharing Earth a grant of £3,000 to re-design the pub garden which was concrete slabs and a fence, into an ‘edible garden’ through a series of 15 workshops showing local people how to grow their own food in a small space. The sessions were well- attended and the result is a beautiful oasis which is still being cared for by the volunteers once a week and provides the kitchen with fresh salad and herbs.