Edible Garden Project




We will teach people how to grow food and how to build an edible garden for small spaces. This project will help develop a new Antwerp Garden and will be the first workshop to inaugurate the new community space, built at the rear of the Antwerp Arms, in its role as a community pub for Tottenham.

The EAT N17 PROJECT aims to offer local people, schools and families, a greater share in their local land for crop growing and food production in an area where most people have little access to such facilities – or who don’t have the necessary expertise needed to achieve any growing success.

EAT N17 is being developed as a partnership project with:-

The Antwerp Arms Association – North London’s first community owned pub, runs a project serving free healthy lunches and picnics to families and people in crisis. They will also use the fresh fruit, veg and herbs grown on this project in their lunches and distribute any surplus to those who need it.

Shared Earth Projects is a developing community interest company and social enterprise, set up and run by the professional gardening team from Back To Earth Projects and Rockstone Gardeners, who developed and built the Harmony Gardens at Broadwater Farm Community Centre. We run various local community food growing and gardening projects and are presently developing community growing spaces in this area for everyone to share.

Robert Samuda is a Master Gardener and professional trainer, who studied at Capel Manor Horticultural College in Enfield – and now works running garden projects in local schools and with Partnership in Care in both Haringey and Enfield. He is a lifelong gardener who creates and designs gardensm, but also specializes in growing seasonal and exotic vegetables in small spaces. Robbie is also a graphic designer, chef and radio DJ.

Martin Burrows, also a lifelong gardener and horticulturalist was brought up and trained on a plant nursery and market garden from childhood. He has successfully grown a wide variety of flowers, fruit and vegetables all his life and he also has a long and successful track record in the voluntary sector,          – creating, funding, designing and managing a succession of successful charity and social enterprise projects in London over the last 35 years.

CRUTCH/CAB Haringey – support many families and people experiencing homelessness, long term unemployment and/or extreme poverty in Tottenham They want to offer local food growing and food production skills training and a share of the crops they help to produce to their many clients.