Manger’s Accommodation Refurb.

Having not seen the first floor accommodation prior to taking over the pub in April, we were all quite shocked by the condition. There were  4 rooms, a bathroom and separate toilet but no kitchen. It obviously had’t been decorated since artexted ceilings were all the rage in the 70’s. There was bits of wire hanging everywhere, doors hanging off their hinges and layers wall paper peeling off the walls. It was actually condemned at one point by the London Fire Brigade, wrongly as it turned out. However the boiler was decommissioned and accommodation was uninhabitable.

Motivated by the fact that the permanent managers job was being offered as a live in position, we finally built up enough steam to start the work in early July.

Whilst we knew it was going to be a tough job it was far worse than we could have imagined. Almost every wall and ceiling had to be re-plastered. However, during the strip out some gems were revealed. Including a wooden panelled wall, which would have formed part of the original stair way and the original fire place, in what is now the front bedroom, which Floyd has lovingly restored. The flat is now carpeted and  fully furnished, some bought, some donated. We have installed a kitchen in the back room, which also doubles as the managers office.

Although we are a few days away from works being complete Steve Alderson the new manager has taken up residency.

The guys who carried out the work have down a stunning job and we are really grateful to them all for going way beyond extra mile.

David Colerio – Carpenter
Floyd Petgrave — Painter and Decorator
Dave Coe – Electrician
Paul Reed – Plasterer
Terry – for striping out with Floyd and Young Finn during those very hot few days in July
Kyriaco Petrou – Central Heating Engineer
Steve Borg– Carpet Fitter
All Your Junk (three truck loads of rubbish)
The delivery drivers who helped us push the furniture up a ladder and through the 1st floor windows, who shall remain nameless due to their companies H&S policy!
Shareholder Martin Hough for jumping in when we needed an extra pair of hands, out of the goodness of his heart.
A special thank you to shareholder Gillian Ford who also out of the goodness of of heart supplied the fabric and made the gorgeous Roman Blinds that now adorn the windows.

A big thank you to The Dream Team you really have made a silk purse out of a soars ear.